Jan 2017

FACEBOOK 101: Business Pages

  • Content: Make sure you fill out your page details with searchable information.

This should include: Overview, description, contact information, and your website.

  • Invitation: Invite your contact list. You can use a basic email invite, invite fans directly on Facebook, share your page on other social mediums, and utilize Facebooks various plug-in.
  • Touch point Communication: Add a link to your website, newsletters, blogs, ads, displays, etc.
  • Creative Content: Interact and share creative content that your target market/buyer personas would be interested in.
  • Advertising: Use face book payment options for New Likes
  • Lead Generation Content will arm your market with information they are interested in: Checklists, Webinars, Templates, white papers, blog posts. Note: This should be more than just sales-driven content
  • On average: Your posts should always include a photo (960×960 pixel image), a short caption of text information, and a link to a landing page
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